Why do Foundations Fail

When we talk about the foundation repair, a question pops up in mind that why foundations fail, many factors contribute to the foundation failures.

Drainage issues:

Drainage issue is widespread in many buildings. We hear a lot many times in our everyday life that the drainage system of a building gets ramshackle. In such a building, the foundation in New Orleans mostly fails. It happens because the muddy or dirty water that discharges from the disordered drainage system gets into the foundation of the building and makes the base of the building weak. This weak base causes the walls of the building to lean and bow down that further cause many issues in the building structure.

The soil beneath the foundation gets swelled by the improper drainage system. Moreover, the seasonal freeze/thaw cycle moves the soil under the foundation that also causes the deterioration of the building foundation in New Orleans. So, if you want to keep your building’s foundation safe, then you should make sure to keep your drainage system properly and efficiently working.

Natural causes of damage:

Tornadoes and other windstorms are more likely to affect the walls and windows of the buildings. It is not difficult for these natural disasters to speed up the damage that has already begun. An intrusive root can get into the foundation of the building, making it weak to hold the structure of the entire building.

Poorly laid foundations:

Another factor that causes foundation failure in New Orleans is a poorly laid foundation. The foundation of the building is a susceptible part of the building. Even a minor mistake can lead to ceaseless damage. Hiring the unprofessional and untrained persons at work, while building a home, is the most significant cause of poorly laid foundations. They are not professional at work. That’s why they pay not enough attention while laying the foundations. This carelessness, in the future, causes severe damage in the form of foundation failure.

Poor soil conditions in New Orleans:

Poor soil conditions are equally responsible for foundation failure, for the type of which you have to stand your whole building is more than essential for the foundation. No matter how strong and firm your foundation is, if the soil condition is not good enough, then your foundation will fail after a while. So, before laying your foundation, make sure that the soil beneath it is not in bad condition and free of stones and other bumps. If the soil is not ready to let the foundation sit on it, then you should make it ready for the foundation so that your foundation may not fail.


Dehydration of the soil is caused by the tree roots that remain under the foundation. The dehydrated situation causes soil shrinkage and home disposition. Ripening trees and bushes close to a building is probably the most common cause of foundation failure in New Orleans. When the trees and shrubs are at the stage of maturing, their roots need more water. They suck the water from beneath the building foundation and hence cause the cracks in the soil.

Plumbing leaks:

If you don’t hire a professional plumber for the sanitary work of your building, it results in the water leakage from different sanitary joints. When this water begins to settle in the foundation of the building, the soil gets swelled by the water and make the foundation of the structure weak. That’s why it is always recommended to hire only the professional for every single construction task in New Orleans.

Differential Settings:

Unfeasible soil conditions incorrectly compacted filling material, and the erosion flooding or lack of groundwater leads to the foundation failure. All these factors lead to cause the cracks in the soil, and it disrupts the structures standing above it. You can check these differential settings by letting a rubber ball roll on the floor. If the ball rolls of its on violation, then it means that the foundation has a slope. You should immediately reach for the foundation repair company and resolve your foundation issue.

Are you really concerned about your foundation?

If you follow all the precautionary measures to keep your foundation safe from failure, then it means that you are genuinely concerned about your foundation. The first step that you should take if you have to face any foundation failure is to look for the best foundation repair around you. If you are living in New Orleans, Academy house leveling is the best foundation repair company that you should reach for when you encounter any foundation issue.

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