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Top 5 Most Common Issues with Pier and Beam Houses Near Water in Louisiana

Jun 24, 2023 | Pier and Beam Repair

Top 5 Most Common Issues with Pier and Beam Houses Near Water in Louisiana

The charm of living near water in Louisiana is undeniable. With the mighty Mississippi River, countless bayous, lakes, and coastal areas, it’s no wonder that many opt for homes near the water. Pier and beam houses are a popular choice among residents since they are elevated and offer some protection against flooding. However, there are several issues these structures often face due to their unique environment. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top five most common issues with pier and beam houses near water in Louisiana.

Water Damage and Flooding:

Despite being elevated, pier and beam houses in Louisiana still face the threat of water damage and flooding. With the state’s frequent heavy rains and hurricanes, water can rise to significant levels. The beams and sub-flooring may absorb moisture, leading to mold, mildew, and structural decay. It is essential to monitor water levels and have a proper drainage system in place to mitigate these effects.

Soil Erosion and Shifting:

The soil near water bodies in Louisiana is often loose and can easily erode, particularly during storms and heavy rainfall. This erosion can cause the piers to tilt or sink, compromising the structural integrity of the house. Regular inspections and investing in ground stabilization techniques are vital for maintaining a safe and sturdy foundation.

Wood Rot and Pest Infestations:

The humid climate of Louisiana, combined with proximity to water, creates an ideal environment for wood-rot and pest infestations. Termites, in particular, can be highly destructive to the wooden components of pier and beam houses. Regular pest control treatments and the use of treated or rot-resistant wood can help keep these problems at bay.

Saltwater Corrosion:

For homes situated near the Louisiana coast, saltwater corrosion is a significant concern. Saltwater can accelerate the corrosion of metals used in the structure of the house, such as the metal brackets and fasteners. This can weaken the structure over time. It is essential to use corrosion-resistant materials and to perform regular maintenance to combat this issue.

Hurricane and Wind Damage:

Louisiana is known for its vulnerability to hurricanes and strong winds. Pier and beam houses, with their elevated structures, can sometimes act like sails, catching wind and becoming unstable. It’s vital to ensure that the house is adequately anchored and that the structure is designed to withstand the wind loads it may encounter.


Pier and beam houses near water in Louisiana offer breathtaking views and a connection with nature. However, the very environment that makes these homes so appealing can also present unique challenges. By being aware of and proactively addressing these common issues – water damage, soil erosion, wood rot, saltwater corrosion, and hurricane damage – homeowners can protect their investment and enjoy the beauty of Louisiana’s waterscapes for years to come.

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