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Top 3 Types of Foundation Repair for Louisiana Homes

Jun 30, 2023 | Pier and Beam Repair

Top 3 Types of Foundation Repair for Louisiana Homes

In the colorful state of Louisiana, characterized by its rich culture and festive atmosphere, homes face unique challenges due to the area’s particular geography and climate. Soil types like the expansive clay, coupled with frequent rains and flooding, make foundation problems a common issue for homeowners. Consequently, understanding the various types of foundation repair is crucial. In this blog post, we will explore the top 3 types of foundation repair most commonly used in Louisiana.

1. Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

One of the most popular foundation types in Louisiana is the Pier and Beam Foundation. Homes built on this foundation have a crawl space underneath which makes it easier to access for repairs. However, due to the area’s moisture-laden soil, these foundations are prone to sinking or becoming unlevel.

Repair Method: To remedy this, professionals use a combination of concrete pilings, steel pilings, or segmented piles to stabilize and level the foundation. The process involves driving these piles deep into the ground until they hit a solid stratum. The home’s weight is then shifted onto these piles, stabilizing the foundation.

2. Slab Foundation Leveling

In contrast to Pier and Beam Foundations, Slab Foundations are built directly on the ground. This is common in modern homes but poses its challenges as the soil beneath can shift, causing the slab to crack or sink.

Repair Method: Mudjacking (or Slabjacking) is a common repair technique for slab foundations in Louisiana. In this method, a mixture of cement and soil (or other materials) is pumped under the slab through holes drilled into it. This mixture helps in raising the slab to its original level. Another method gaining popularity is Polyurethane Foam Injection which involves injecting a high-density foam that expands, lifting the concrete slab back into place. This method is less invasive and often faster than mudjacking.

3. Wall Anchoring and Foundation Stabilization

Louisiana homes, particularly those near water bodies, often suffer from basement wall issues due to hydrostatic pressure, which causes the walls to bow or crack.

Repair Method: Wall Anchoring is a foundation repair technique that addresses these issues. It involves the installation of steel earth anchors in the ground outside the affected walls. These anchors are connected to steel wall plates with horizontal steel rods. The system is then incrementally tightened to straighten the wall and provide support against further bowing. This repair is critical in areas with high water tables, common in Louisiana.

Louisiana’s distinct environment requires specialized solutions for foundation problems. The aforementioned repair methods – Pier and Beam Foundation Repair, Slab Foundation Leveling, and Wall Anchoring and Foundation Stabilization – are the top three types that are best suited for the state’s terrain and climate. If you suspect that your home is experiencing foundation issues, it’s essential to consult a foundation repair specialist who is experienced with Louisiana’s specific conditions to ensure that your home remains safe and structurally sound.

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