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Slab Foundation Repair

When you live in an area with clay or similar types of soil, the truth is that most foundations will usually crack. The same thing can happen for a Slab Foundation because you never really know what to expect and what challenges can arise. Our focus is to offer customers a good way to solve this issue and deal with the foundation problems fast before it’s too late.

Most homes in our area are built on Slab Foundations, but due to various reasons, many builders don’t add in deep footings to offer proper support for the homes. When that happens, the Slab Foundation will get exposed to the elements and constant water damage can lead to severe problems. Not to mention you can also deal with uneven soil issues, yet another major issue that can arise in a situation like this.

How can you identify the signs pointing to Slab Foundation damage?
It’s important to understand and identify the first steps when it comes to slab foundation problems. The first thing to look out for would be brick cracks that you can notice outside. You will also find some sheetrock cracks within your home too. Sometimes you will just see those problems on the outside, but if the Slab Foundation problems are severe, then you might end up dealing with both issues.

Another thing to note is that your windows or doors are not working properly. When that happens, it’s mostly due to the foundation cracks and the fact that your home ends up not being leveled properly. This is not something simple at first, but it can end up being a major issue and that’s why you must handle it with the utmost attention and care. If you come to us as soon as you see such an issue, we will be able to deal with it quickly and ensure there are no more problems.

You should also look for situations when the walls are separating from the ceiling. While something like this tends to be less common, the truth is that it can happen, and you need to deal with the problem firsthand. The more you ignore such a problem, the trickier it will be. You need to keep in mind the fact that such problems can sometimes appear randomly, however things get worse as time goes by so you have to solve the problem as fast as possible.

How can we help?
We are using a vast range of different methods in order to deal with concrete slab problems. Concrete piers are very helpful because they will help maintain your foundation in place. Even if there are cracks or any similar issues, we will help you solve that quickly and ensure that your home’s foundation has the right support. Concrete piers are better than steel piers because they are not prone to rust, nor do they bend.

On top of that, we are using a concrete mixture called mud that’s injected into various concrete slab portions. The idea here is to move the slab back to the initial position. This process is called mudjacking and it can help bring in great repair methods designed to provide efficiency and value at the highest possible level every time.

We also work with brick repairing. The Slab Foundation Repair process can benefit from brick repairing because it’s efficient and there are no specific downsides related to it. We use things like pressure grouting to properly install bricks and ensure that your home will maintain its stability. With the right Slab Foundation Repair, you will not have to worry about constant damage or issues that can sometimes arise.

Contact us today for the best Slab Foundation Repairs
In case you think there’s a Slab Foundation issue, contact us right away. Check for the signs presented above and if you see any problems, we are here to help right away. The more you delay taking action on these issues, the more problematic it will become. That’s why we are recommending you to deal with this problem fast, and we are here to assist every step of the way. We have the knowledge, expertise and tools needed to perform professional Slab Foundation Repairs that will last for a lifetime. Avail this great opportunity and contact us today!

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