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Foundation Repair Metairie, LA

The worst thing to happen, if you are a house owner, is to see your house being slowly and gradually destroyed due to environmental conditions. What is even worse sometimes is the fact that sometimes you live in a city or a county where you do not have a foundation repair company in sight and thus find it difficult to figure out who you can call and what can you do.

So, worry not, in this article we will be giving you a brief rundown of our services that can be provided to you locally and specifically to cater to your needs. We have a branch in almost all cities of Louisiana and you are the lucky ones because in this article you will get to know the services that we provide to people who live in Metairie, LA.

Services We Provide
Before this article can start on the kinds of services we provide in your city of Metairie, it is important to mention that these services can be similar and some may just be specific to the city in which we are providing. We have a lot of contractors all over Louisiana that provide you with the best services, so that you can be happy with our results and recommend us to other people too.

Now, without any further ado lets delve into the services that will help us keep your house leveled and keep you safe from further foundation repair.

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair
Now, this is very specific to Metairie as it is a city that has a water body attached to the city and thus a pier. For those who have houses near the pier can get a free inspection of the beams and pier foundation and then get a rough estimate of how much it would cost for repairs. This is the best way to go about the repair. Don’t wait too long because the longer there is damage to the pier and beam foundation the costlier it will be to get it fixed.

House Leveling
This is the classic foundation repair work that is done everywhere around the Louisiana state. House leveling is the first and basic step into making sure that your house is secure and away from any infestation and damage. The house is raised to a certain level, or the previous level of accuracy thus keeping it safe.

Sill replacement
Again, because Metairie is a water-based city and has a lot of piers, a definite by-product of that is termites in the sill. Sills can host a termite infestation that can lead it to sag and become unsafe for your home. That is why it is necessary to call us, so we can help treat that infestation and make sure that your house is sill-free.

These are just a few of the many services that are provided to you in Metairie. If you are looking for the best foundation repair and house leveling work then look no further than us. We provide the best for our customers.

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