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Luling, LA Foundation Repair

In the list of the cities where academy house leveling is serving the people, Luling stands high. In this city of the United States, we are happy enough to be the best foundation repair company.

The people of Luling like us because of our extreme cooperative behavior with our customers. Customer satisfaction is our priority. We never compromise the quality of work and services that we offer, and it is what raises us above our competitors. Academy house leveling uses advanced techniques to make you get rid of the foundation issues.

We proved to be a responsible foundation repair company; that’s why we have a fan base. The following are some advanced and latest techniques that we use to treat the foundation issues in Luling. Let’s have a view of them!

Concrete and steel piers

Installing concrete and steel piers are the most common technique that we adopt to control the damage in the foundation of the building. When the water seeps into the foundation of the building, the soil beneath the foundation swells and causes the cracks in the floor. In such cases, to save the floor from being rattled academy house leveling in Luling, use the technique of concrete and steel piers installation. Installing concrete and steel piers are the most cost-effective technique to handle the foundation issues. That’s why we use it to make the foundation repair process feasible for everyone.

Helical piers

Installation of helical piers is also another latest technique that academy house leveling uses for foundation repair. In this technique, we drill the helical piers deep into the ground with the help of a block of wood. It is a less complicated foundation repair technique, for it requires less effort in the installation of steel piles into the ground. Moreover, this technique is also very cost-effective as compared to the other methods of foundation repair in Luling. Our professionals suggest this technique for slab or piers and beam foundation that are usually not heavy. Helical piers are the most recommended technique for foundation repair of houses.

Soil injections

It is probably a magical technique for foundation repair that we use in Luling to cure the foundation issues. In the soil injection technique, a chemical solution consisting of potassium ions is injected into the soil beneath the foundation. This chemical solution permanently removes the ability of the soil to swell. As a result, the chances of soil swelling are reduced to the greatest extent. Academy house leveling has been using this technique for many years, but we are glad to introduce this fantastic foundation repair technique in Luling also.

As the cost of potassium-based chemical is much lesser than installing piers in the soil, hence it is also a cost-effective technique to attain the soil stability. Because of achieving soil stability, this foundation repair technique is also known as injection stabilization. Soil injection technique is highly recommended for house leveling when all the other methods become ineffective.

Looks fantastic? Give us a try, and we won’t disappoint you!

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