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Foundation Repair Houma, LA

Houses need annual repairs, from foundation repairs to leveling services. When you live in the city of Houma, then yearly rainfall is expected and with that the expectation of house damage is eminent. From leveling problems to foundation repairs everything needs to be checked out to make sure that the house is not a safety hazard to those who live in it and those around the house.

That is why in this article, you will be informed about the multiple services we offer as a company to provide you with the best of everything. With our branch in Houma, Louisiana, you don’t have to worry about going far to get our services. We provide them right at your doorstep.

Services Provided to You

Before the services are mentioned, it is necessary to point out that we have foundation repair contractors and multiple handymen who do multiple jobs and can help secure your house in no time. We, at Houma, LA take less time and do an excellent job of securing your house for the future.

Here are some of the many services we provide you, the customer with:

Foundation Leveling
This combines contractors with work and machine work. The house is brought up to the level of the original state, thus providing security to the house and saving it from sinking to the ground.

Foundation Jacking
Foundation Jacking is a service that we provide to our customers where we lift one side of the concrete slab to level the house. This is sometimes referred to as the magic bullet and is an instant repair function on a house.

Foundation Repair
This is the best way to repair a sinking house. Here what we do is add underpinning on the house and dig it deep into the soil to provide the house with stability. It is considered vertical foundation repair too as you are adding the underpins to keep the house at the foundation level.

Foundation Waterproofing
Now, this is a service that is unique to Houma, LA and is only for customers present in this great city. In this service, we provide surface treatment and a drain pipe that helps treat the wall and keeps it safe from any water infestation in the future. Because Houma is a city where you get a lot of rainfall, it is necessary to treat your house walls to prevent them from getting any infestation or getting damaged by the water.


Residential and Commercial Service
This is the service that we provide to all our clients. Whether you have work to be done at home or in a shop, we will be there with our contractors giving you 110%. We provide for residential homes as well as commercial spaces. The requirements for both are different and thus, it is proof that we can work in any environment.

The above mentioned are but, a few of our many services that we provide to you and make sure that you have. Now you know if you are in Houma, LA then do contact us for any repair work that you may need.

Academy House Leveling
We are a family owned business since 2001 providing House Leveling & Foundation Repairs to the New Orleans, LA area and surrounding cities.

Our contractors and company is licensed for providing Foundation Repair & House Leveling State License #67628

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