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Foundation Repair Hammond, LA

Do you get the feeling that your house may be needing some repair work, where you may feel that the foundation is somewhat damaged? Do you feel like your house isn’t leveled is at a serious threat of damage? Do you also happen to live in or near Hammond, Louisiana? Well then, this is the article for you. From house leveling to foundation repair, everything anything you wish to know is in this article. Let’s dig in!

What is House Leveling and Foundation Repair?

To start off, it is always a good idea to explain to the customers what they are getting into, so here are some brief introductions to the concept of house leveling and foundation repairs.

House leveling is a process that includes lifting a home and placing it to its original state. This tends to happen over time to homes where they slowly start to sink into the ground. Foundation repair, which covers the house leveling is usually then done to the house to prevent it from sinking any further and trying to protect the house’s foundation so the house does not get destroyed or damaged.

In order for this to happen, there are companies that do foundation repair work for houses and are mostly based near residential areas. In Hammond, Louisiana, our company offers these services to you as our customers. As Hammond is a place where you get an all–year-round rainfall with the most in February. Thus, this is a direct hazard to the houses as rain plus sand can create mud which can increase the rate at which the house can sink.

Services Provided to You in the Area

This is the part of the article that will help you immensely. If you live in Hammond, LA then our company can offer you a variety of services that will help make sure that your house is taken care of.

Foundation Inspection
This is the first step into making sure that your house is secure and not damaged. In this service, we make sure that we send our lead experts into inspecting your house and figuring out where you need the work. A big factor that helps the community is that the first inspection is free of cost.

Residential and Commercial Spaces
Our company does work in residential homes and commercial places. This means that there is a variety of places that we can check and make sure that everything is good and if there needs to be any repair in any part of the building or home, you will be notified.


This service is an umbrella term for any and all replacements that need to be done to your home or your building. Our company will make the necessary replacements to piers, sills and slab to make sure that your house ends up damage-free and you can be satisfied with our work.

Homes and building always need to be looked after and cared for and that is why our company exists, to take care of you and the house’s needs.

Academy House Leveling
We are a family owned business since 2001 providing House Leveling & Foundation Repairs to the New Orleans, LA area and surrounding cities.

Our contractors and company is licensed for providing Foundation Repair & House Leveling State License #67628

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