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Foundation problems in a house can occur because of many reasons, they can be caused by soil erosion, initial faulty construction or natural disasters like earthquakes or droughts that can cause a shift in the ground beneath the foundation of your home causing it to move from its original location. The last earthquake that shook the grounds of Covington was in 2015 and if someone hasn’t gotten their foundations repaired in this time, it might be a cause of concern from the homeowner’s point of view. But home foundation repairing is something you might run into regardless of it being compromised by a natural disaster and is a common affliction to many property owners.

Factors Behind Home Foundation Problems

Foundation repairing issues can arise due to a variety of factors.

Density Of The Clay

Clay is one of the biggest culprits behind your foundation giving you problems, the density of the clay in the soil underneath your home plays a part in the settling of your foundation properly. The soil which has a larger amount of clay in it tends to move a lot more than less clay composed soil.


Soil Erosion

When your house is initially built, its foundation is set in a way that it is protected from water but it becomes unprotected due to soil erosion which results in a weakened foundation upon contact with water ultimately leading to your home being unlevel.


The Touch Of Water

Water is essentially one of the leading sources of damage to your home’s foundation as it is difficult to stop water from coming in contact with it which can be from rain, a plumbing leak or the natural moisture present in the air which can form upon contact with other materials.


Extreme Changes In The Weather

Living in an area with extreme weather changes can also be a factor behind the foundation damage and unlevel homes as the soil underneath your home will be directly affected by the changing temperatures of the atmosphere around it.


Faulty Construction

It’s difficult to know what kind of soil your home is built on after it’s already been built. But the construction workers often build houses and other properties on soil that is not good for the structure of your home making it a problem that you have deal with in the future.

Foundation Repairing Diagnosis

You can tell if your home needs foundation repairing if your house seems like it is slanted to one side, which basically means that it needs to be leveled. The more the slant, the quicker the need for foundation repairing. In most cases, this would mean you need to get your home re-leveled, which will place it back in its original spot. It can also be recognized by cracked bricks, cracked floor, cracked roof and doors getting stuck. The point of conclusion here is that it is hard if not impossible to avoid damage to the foundation and it is likely that foundation repairing is written in the destiny of your home at some point.

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