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Lately have you felt that there is something different or wrong about the structure of your house? All of a sudden the angles of the wall look a little tilted, or you are seeing cracks on walls, or there are gaps on the corner of your floors? If you are seeing these things, then it is likely that you need to undergo house leveling to restore the original structure of your house.

In Baton Rouge Louisiana, we have had a lot of complaints recently regarding the problems with the structure of houses and how people are unable to recover the costs they incurred on the house when they consider selling it. So to help people in identifying the warning signals of housing structure problems, we have prepared a list of indicators to identify when your house in Baton Rouge might require leveling.

List of things which indicate you may require house leveling

Deep cracks
One of the foremost indications that your house requires repairs is when you see cracks on your walls and ceilings

Basement walls becoming tilted
Problems with the structure of your house can be seen by the walls of your basement. In case you need house leveling, your basement wall will be bent inwards.

Difficult to move doors and windows
When the doors and windows of your house require more force to open, that means that there is a problem with the structure of your house, and it needs leveling.

Uneven floors
If your floors look uneven, this is another sign that you need house leveling.

Visible gaps between ceilings
Structural deformity in a house, can create gaps between walls and ceilings.

Why are people of Baton Rouge more concerned about their houses than people in other cities?

High Humidity level
High humidity levels in Baton Rouge, leads to high moisture and the house structures are unable to deal with this high moisture level

Weather Conditions
Baton Rouge faces moderate to severe rainfall, this rainfall leads to increased soil erosion and weakens the structure of houses.

Natural Disasters
Baton Rouge faced Hurricane Gustav in 2008 after this people are increasingly concerned about their houses. They want strong structures for their houses, so that they are protected even in the event of such disasters.

One major reason why people need house leveling is that the houses when made, were not made to be long-lasting, the materials used were not of high quality and the procedures used were inefficient.

What to do when you identify the need for house leveling?

Find yourself a service provider that offers Foundation repairing

Foundation repairs are used for house leveling. The techniques involved in foundation repairs are

Slab Jacking
In this process, the house is lifted and the gaps are filled with concrete.

Steel Piering
In this technique, steel piers are used to lift the house and placed according to their original angles.

High-density polyurethane foam
This is the easiest of methods, in this method foam is applied in damaged areas.

Sealant repairs
This is the method in which cement is used to fill in gaps

Helical tieback anchors
Helical tieback anchors are used to repair bowing or tilting walls


Final words
When you live in a place like Baton Rouge, you will enjoy the dock, the weather, and the cargo ships. But you must know that in these areas your houses are more vulnerable than in other cities. So you must take proactive action, to save yourselves from heavy losses.

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