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How to Fix Cracked Foundations

Sep 15, 2020 | Foundation Inspection, Foundation Repair

Do You Need Foundation Repair in New Orleans?

Do you have damaged walls? Doors that will not close or huge breaks in the floorboards because all of these are symptoms, signs, and indicators of cracked slab concrete or pier and beam foundation issues New Orleans. Foundation troubles can lead to major architectural problems within your home. Fortunately, there are ways to fix a concrete foundation without having to split your home open, tear it apart, and start from the beginning of construction.

Reasons to Need Foundation Repair

Foundation problems and its activity will demand fixes that are caused by building on extensive clay-based, unstable, or poorly compressed fill dirt or sand.  Additionally, it can be caused by inappropriate service around the fundamentals of the building foundation. Older homes are typically more vulnerable to cracked slab concrete or pier and beam foundation damages in New Orleans.  These damages exist especially in the semi-arid southeast area of the United States, places such as Austin.  Florida is riddled with slab concrete and foundation issues to almost all of their homes statewide.

Whatever the cause, poor foundation cracked slab issues can eliminate the value and even provide risky habitation. If you see symptoms indications or warning signals that slab concrete and foundation problems exist, do not delay in getting the problem fixed. The longer you wait, the more your damaged concrete foundation will drain your resources and cause further costly damage to your New Orleans home dwelling or business building.

Signs That You Need Foundation Repair

Take a look around the dwelling or building, and if you see protrusions in walls, damaged or impaired floorboards, and doors that won’t close these are all signs of cracked slab concrete or pier and beam foundation issues. Homes built on extensive dirt and sand usually suffer from serious foundation problems. The issue develops when only part of the connecting pier and beam stresses the foundation forming heaves, causing breaks and other damage.

This differential activity is essentially due to variations in ground wetness. Loss or gain of ground wetness can cause serious shrinking or inflammation to the structure of the dwelling.  Settlement breaks in New Orleans are nearly always straight.  They should not be wrongly identified as breaks that happen when surfaces are exposed to horizontal activity from ground pressure.

Contact Foundation Repair in New Orleans

If you suffer from any of the following signs of cracked slab concrete or pier and beam foundational damage contact Academy House Leveling we are a foundation repair source in New Orleans.

Here are some early warning signals of needed foundation repair.

Warning Signs of Interior Foundation Repair

  •  Out of alignment Doors and Windows
  • Damaged cracked slab of sheetrock
  • Breaks in Floor

Warning Signs of External Foundation Repair

  • Wall Rotation
  • Separating around door, windows and/or walls out of alignment
  • Damaged bricks
  • Broken and/or cracked slab foundation
  • Removed Moldings

  If the structure of a house does not begin to change until after three or more years of acceptable performance, it is uncertain that the distortions is due to a full-depth base agreement, which is always confirmed by related breaks. Cracks happen at each side of and a portion of the pier and beam foundation disturbance of surfaces going through a constant downwards activity due to the ground continuing to fail.

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