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Guide on Fixing Slab Foundations Repair Guide

by | Oct 7, 2020 | Foundation Repair, Slab Foundation Repair

When the moisture level of the concrete slab at home is changing, you will run into numerous issues in it. As a homeowner, you need to always keep in mind that water is the worst enemy of the foundation at home. However, you cannot put complete blame on water. That’s because numerous other reasons, such as irrigation system, landscape, improper drainage, and plumbing related issues can lead you towards issues in slab foundations.

Regardless of the reason you experience damage in the slab foundation, you should go for slab foundation repairs. It will help you to keep the slab foundation from being subjected to further damage.

Signs that indicate your slab foundation has to be repaired
There are few signs, which indicate that you should go ahead with slab foundation repairs. Here is a list of few such signs you need to keep an eye on.

If you notice one or more of these signs, you can suspect that your slab foundation is damaged. Hence, you can contact us and go for the repairs. All you have to do is to contact Academy House Leveling Services and seek our expert assistance.

Our slab foundation repair services
You can get a variety of slab foundation repairs from us. The exact service would vary based on the nature of repair you need to go ahead with. Here’s a list of some of the most prominent services offered to repair your slab foundation.

Drilled concrete piers
Drilled concrete piers are created by drilling large scale holes in the ground. Then we fill them up with concrete. These piers are in a position to transfer the lateral or axial load into the striatum, which is located under the surface of the ground. Then we will lift your house and proceed with slab foundation repair. This is a time-consuming process and will usually take around 10 days.

Installation of pressed concrete
Installation of pressed concrete is the most common flab foundation repair service that you can get. If you want to keep your expenses low as much as possible, this will be the right option. On the other hand, you can end up receiving maximum returns for the amount you spend. In here, we will be using pressed concrete piers, which are specifically designed for your soil. This method can deliver quick results to you as well.

Steel piers
Placing steel piers will be a highly dependable method. Here, steel pipes will be pressed to the ground. These pipes will be overlapping with each other to create a continuous single pier. Then we will use cement-like grout in order to fill up the pier and continue with repairs. This method can take around three days for the repairs.

We offer the best slab foundation repair services
The team at Academy House Leveling Services will get to know about the nature of the problem you deal with and then take appropriate measures to deliver the repair services. Our technicians are trained and skilled to figure out the exact problem in your slab foundation and go ahead with the best repair service to restore the integrity of your foundation.
Go ahead and give us a call to get your slab foundation repairs now!


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