Warranty Certificate

AcadSystemâ„¢ Lifetime Foundation Warranty

If any adjustments are required during the life of this home due to settling, Academy House Leveling will re-level all areas previously underpinned without cost to this owner.

This warranty is completely transferable to any and all future owners of this home. Provided no major structural changes have been made, and applies only to installations.

Foundation Repair Warranty

Don’t hire someone who claims to be able to provide you with Foundation Repair only to have them do it wrong and cost you money later down the road. Make sure if you are hiring a Foundation Repair company they provide you with a lifetime warranty on those repairs like you receive with AcadSystem Foundation Warranty.

Lifetime Transferable Warranty

We provide you with a lifetime warranty to installations and repairs made to your foundation, as long as no major structural changes have been made. This warranty is transferable even if you sell your home. Get in touch with Academy House Leveling today to find out about your warranty options and save money on your foundation repairs.