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5 Signs of Foundation Issues

Jul 22, 2020 | Foundation Inspection, Foundation Repair, Slab Foundation Repair

  • Cracks in Exterior Walls – If you happen to notice cracks in the walls of your home you might have early signs of a foundation issue or the foundation settling. If you notice any large or growing cracks in the exterior walls you should hire a foundation repair company to have your foundation inspected.

  • Uneven Floors – Do you have uneven floors inside your home? Don’t worry just yet uneven floors are common in older homes but that’s likely because the foundation has moved over time. If you notice your home floors aren’t level anymore you may want to hire a foundation company to inspect them to ensure this.

  • Cracks in Concrete Slab – Having a cracked slab really only calculates to one thing, the ground underneath has shifted causing the slab to become level and crack.

  • Windows or Doors Sticking – Doors and Windows have their own frames with inside the frame of your home and usually when the homes frame shifts the doors and windows will not, so if you notice they are sticking then this can be an early sign of a foundation issue.

  • Damp Crawl Space – Crawl spaces with a lot of moisture or ones that are wet all the time. Being that we are in Louisiana and we see significant rainfall this can lead to foundation issues.

There are several signs you might find that could lead to you needing foundation repair, here are five of them we listed to help sort out the major causes. If you are looking to have someone provide you foundation inspection services in the New Orleans, LA area then give Academy House Leveling a call today and let us provide you with a hassle free estimate.

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