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Foundation Issue Warning Signs

Here are some signs to watch out for:

  • Cracking in your chimney. Poor drainage can cause a chimney to crack or lean.
  • Cracked walls.
  • Sagging floors. Anytime you see warped or sagged floors
  • Small leaks, moisture issues, cabinets that aren’t hanging right, windows that may have shifted and doors that don’t fit right anymore.

Jamming doors and uneven door frames. This may be the single-most telltale sign of problems to come. A door that shifted and is jamming or showing signs of unevenness is likely the victim of a foundation issue.

Water issues. If you have a bad drainage system, that could mean disaster for your foundation. You want water to be directed away from your home. If that isn’t happening, it can slowly eat away at your foundation over years and years of abuse.

All foundations types can be affected:
Some people mistakenly believe that if they don’t have a slab foundation, then they are immune from problems with their foundations. The reality is that a slab foundation, full- or half-basement or crawl space can all be victims to the environment. Regardless of which type of foundation you have, be sure to do a yearly assessment of the interior and exterior tells.

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Do you have damaged Foundation?

We will provide you with as many resources and foundation repair guides to help you make the right decision in your foundation repair from start to finish. If you are looking for a foundation specialist Academy House Leveling has compiled so many different foundation repair sources for the New Orleans metro area and surrounding cities just take a look through our site for all your foundation repair needs.

Commercial and Residential work

Academy House Leveling will provide you both resources for commercial foundation repair and residential foundation repair work with foundation repair videos and foundation repair images you will have a good understanding of how the entire foundation repair process works. Our directory will serve as a useful benchmark for your foundation repair needs.

Foundation Repair and House leveling

Yes, you will find both foundation repair and house leveling resources on our site and we have made sure to outline the importance you should about both in the specific areas of southern Louisiana. Academy House Leveling has several different outlets to help provide answers to all your house leveling and foundation repair questions.

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Do you have a damaged Foundation and you’re not sure what is needed? Get in touch with us today and we will provide you an at home estimate for repairs on your home.